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Update: Unfortunately, there are open issues with webpack and create-react-app that prevent the usage of symlinks, at least easily or without work that I'm unable to do. Sad times.

For now, I've opted to remove all my Node projects out of iCloud, and instead make a habit of creating remote repos on Github.

If you're not using React, the following solution should still work, and I'd still recommend it!

I've been using the COVID-19 lockdown as an opportunity to learn new skills and expand on the ones I've already got. For the most part, this has been in the realm of coding.

I'm not quite ready to share the projects I've been working on (most of them are really basic little web apps that are more for learning than for a portfolio), but I wanted to share one quick little tip for anyone developing adds with Node.js that uses iCloud.

By default, any new file or directory that you store in iCloud on macOS gets uploaded and synced. In the case of a Node.js project, this means that the monster that is node_modules gets uploaded, as well. This is unnecessary usage of bandwidth and also takes quite a toll on your battery and hard disk.

Fortunately, some smart person made a utility for dealing with exactly this scenario: nosync-icloud.

You can read about it on their site, but the short version is that you can run a command in each of your Node.js project folders, and it will look for a node_modules folder, append .nosync to the folder name (which disables iCloud syncing), symlinks node_modules to the newly un-synced folder, and then adds both to your .gitignore.



Habit & Routine, Vol. 2

January 24, 2020

Hi, friends! Please welcome “Habit & Routine: Vol. 2” into the world!

Only half the songs as last time, but twice as many guitar solos, I think. The fact that the number of solos is increasing disproportionally to the quality of the guitar playing just shows that maybe I’m becoming a real guitar player? (That was a sick burn on guitar players, but also self-deprecating, which makes it ironic and humorous, just like people on Internet!)

Anyway, like last time, I wrote, performed, recorded, and mixed everything in my practice space, over the last few months. I’m stoked with how they turned out and look forward to putting out more stuff this year.

And if you didn’t get a chance to listen to the first batch, those are still streaming, as well!


Listen to "Habit & Routine: Vol. 2" on the platform of your choice.


Habit & Routine

September 24, 2019

Hey, I made a pop-punk EP!

Habit & Routine” is a collection of demos that I worked on by myself in my practice space over the past month or so. Everything you hear was written and performed by me, in my little 9’x12’ carpeted box of inspiration. I also engineered and mixed everything, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I have never really considered myself a songwriter or a singer, to be honest. And I definitely never considered myself a guitar player. Haha. It’s been years since I did any of those things in earnest, so I just never got to work on it. But, I decided that if I work those muscles more regularly, maybe some day I won’t shy away from those labels.

I also figured that if a lot of my favorite punk bands didn’t really know how to play guitar or sing—and some of their records sound pretty bad—then I would probably be okay. 😂

That’s why I decided to release what I’m working on. This isn’t supposed to be a masterpiece by any means (it’s pop-punk not Radiohead), and I’m under no illusion that people will love this and clamor for more. But, I did enjoy making these songs, and I thought they turned out fun, and see no harm in letting other people hear it.

I’ve already started work on “Habit & Routine: Vol. 2”—I swiped the name for this project from a line in the movie “Memento” which always resonated with me, since I’ve had really poor memory for as long as I can… remember? 🤔—and hope to continue putting stuff out for as long as the creative drive holds up.

I’ve thought about whether I could put a band together and play shows and maybe tour. I’ve thought about whether I could work with a producer and session musicians to write better songs and make a better record. I’ve thought about whether I could perform these songs at the park on a guitar. I’ve thought about a lot of places that I could go with it. But, ultimately, I’ll do what I’ve always done and let things happen organically.

I never set out to be a drummer or drum tech or any of the things that I’ve been fortunate enough to do that have paid the bills in the past. They’re just things that happened because I had passion and was fortunate to have had a support system (ie. A dad that didn’t mind me crashing in his basement 😂) and have always been surrounded by a talented network of generous musicians, producers, and other creative folks.

Anyway, if you’re interested in what I’m doing in any capacity, please let me know about it!

Listen to "Habit & Routine" on the platform of your choice.

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